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I've been a pastor for 40 years. Senior editor of the award-winning Light & Life magazine for 15 years. The lead administrator of a Christian boarding school in Appalachia. Now my wife and I are co-directors of the National Prayer Ministry of the Free Methodist Church. But ever since I was in first grade I knew I was created to be an author. Thanks for coming to check out what I have been writing.

  • Senior pastor (2006-2017) at the Greenville (IL) Free Methodist Church.
  • Senior editor of Light & Life magazine (1996-2010) , a monthly periodical with a readership of 100,000 people that won the Evangelical Press Association’s top award, the “Award of Excellence” for denominational magazines, in 2000 and 2002.
  • Executive Director of Communications for the FMC-USA (2003-2005)
  • Founded Mary's Place Inc. - a nonprofit prayer ministry dedicated to helping pastors, pastoral couples and church leaders to reorient their lives around prayer and the Word of God.
  • Served on faculty and presented keynote addresses at several leading conferences for Christian writers.
  • President, Oakdale Christian Academy (1991-1995)
  • Pastor, Fountain Square Church, Bowling Green, KY (1978-1991)
  • Author of 12 books, including the recent Fresh Eyes series from David C Cook Publishing.