What people are saying about the "Fresh Eyes" series:

The Fresh Eyes series is nothing less than amazing—the most profound, to the point, original, awe-inspiring, and challenging writings about Jesus and the Bible I have ever read or imagined! I was immediately stunned by how the subject matter is exactly what I’ve always been looking for in Scripture! I hope there will be millions of Christians like me who learn to see Scripture with fresh eyes.
— —Jorge Casas, bassist, Grammy-award winning producer with Gloria Estefan

People from all walks of life!

Grammy award winner

Large City mayor

MLB coach

Two sest-selling authors

University President

Partner in major law firm

Two US Bishops

Renowned Church planter

Chief Marketing Officer

These books are a hit.  Doug has found a profound and compelling way to have the reader (“ordinary people like you and me”) have the “Eyes of our hearts enlightened.”  I have read the entire Bible, front to back, for the past 14 years. In these books, I have gained new insight into Bible Sayings, Jesus’ Miracles, and Jesus’ Parables. I gained fresh insight into what God is saying to me.  In my 162 MLB game schedule, each day brings new excitement. Doug’s writing and dissecting of verses make each verse exciting as I grew deeper in my relationship with our Lord. 
— —David Jauss, Major League baseball coach, Pittsburgh Pirates
I heard Doug speak over a decade ago on the feeding of the five thousand, and I still remember what he said. He brought the familiar story to life in a way that made me see it all unfold. I remember thinking, What would I have done if I’d been there that day with Jesus?That’s why Doug’s writing is so valuable. God recorded these events in His Word and Doug takes readers to those moments in history and makes them relatable and best of all, memorable.
— —Robin Jones Gunn, bestselling author of over ninety books including the Christy Miller series and Victim of Grace
Doug Newton reminds us that the compelling teachings and miracles of Jesus were not just clever events to create believers but were the examples of everyday life. In captivating stories, Newton refocuses us to remember that staying ‘tuned in’ in prayerful communion opens our eyes to the reality that miracles happen all around us all the time.”
— —Hal Conklin, president of USA Green Communities, former mayor of Santa Barbara, California
On a visit to Japan, our translator asked an artist working in gold leaf how it felt to be surrounded by such expensive materials. The artist replied, ‘I’ve been working with gold so long, I’ve forgotten it’s value.’ I know I’ve felt that exact way when it comes to reading the Word of God. I’ve been working/reading/studying it for so long, I’m shamed to say that sometimes, even though I love God’s Word, I’ve forgotten it’s value. That’s why I’m so grateful for Fresh Eyes. Doug has taken the familiar stories of Scripture, and given us new ideas to ponder, angles to look from, and context to understand. A reminder of the richness and value that surrounds us every day.”
— —Kathi Lipp, bestselling author of The Husband Project, Clutter Free, and Overwhelmed
For decades Doug Newton’s clear and crisp teaching has captured the deep and transformative truths of God’s Word. What a treasure to have these rich and wonderful insights through Fresh Eyes. You will be deeply touched and truly challenged by this brilliant master teacher. What a gift!
— —David Goodnight, JD, LLM, partner at Stoel Rives, LLP
Jesus spoke of unique teachers who were able to bring ‘new treasures’ out of their storerooms (Matt. 13:52). Doug Newton is an extraordinary author who brings us ‘new treasure’ in this Fresh Eyes series. This series imparts the rare gift of seeing Scripture with fresh eyes, thus igniting fresh fire in our lives for Jesus and His mission. I highly recommend this series for anyone desiring a personal revival and an expanded faith for how greatly God can use their lives. I experienced this for myself as I read Doug’s life-giving words!
— —Larry Walkemeyer, D.Min.; pastor; church planter; Director of Equipping—Exponential; author of 15 Characteristics of Effective Pastors
Doug Newton is a skilled and passionate communicator as well as a trusted, wise guide both from the pulpit and the printed page. His Fresh Eyes series draws from clear thought, engaged storytelling, and a worthy message to help readers marvel anew over God’s love and sustain their faith in the face of today’s challenges.
— —Ivan L. Filby, PhD, president of Greenville University, IL
For many who cherish the Bible as God’s Word, a daily experience with the Bible has no greater impact than a weather report, an Op-Ed piece, or a blog post. This is because few believers actually read the Bible much and, when they do, they give it only superficial attention. In the Fresh Eyes series, Doug Newton demonstrates how familiar miracle stories, well-known parables, and often-cited gospel sayings can come alive with power to expose small and limited horizons and expand them to wider and deeper perceptions of kingdom reality then draw you in as Newton teases out life-changing biblical implications.”
— —Bishop David W. Kendall, PhD, Free Methodist Church—USA
“Fresh Eyes is a crucial series for our hyper-connected world. Doug Newton equips readers with the tools needed to slow down, open our eyes, and unlock the true meaning of the inspired stories of the Bible. As he has done from the pulpit for many years, Doug provides rich guidance and training with easy-to-understand language and stories that make things click. Fresh Eyes is a must-have for anyone who wants to be equipped to wrestle with the meaning of Scripture and the many ways it applies to the hustle and bustle of twenty-first-century living.
— —Hugo Perez, chief marketing officer, OHorizons Foundation
Doug Newton is a thinking Christian, creative in his interaction with Scripture. Not that he is trying to be ‘cute’ or proposing off-the-wall ‘new wrinkles.’ His perspectives are fresh and invigorating because he has taken the time to consider authentic meanings of words in context. Many Bible preachers/teachers ignore the extended context of texts, parables and chapters; developing a slant that is often simplistic. Doug’s diligent study puts meat and potatoes front and center instead of microwaved leftovers. Chapter after chapter in this Fresh Eyes series, I found myself thinking, “Duh. Yeah. That makes sense. I wonder why I missed that for many years.” You’ll find soul-nurturing food for thought and application and nuggets for preaching, teaching and conversation. I highly recommend the Fresh Eyes series.
— Les Krober, Bishop Emeritus, FMC.USA