Fresh Thoughts is a contemplation guide using brief video vignettes. But unlike lots of devotionals I am not spelling everything out, as in "Here you go, think this."

The idea of “Fresh Thoughts” is to give you some starter material for your own prayer, study and reflection on famous Bible passages and concepts. I’ll say enough to open the door and invite you into prayerful meditation, the Word and the presence of God to see what you’ll discover. So watch. Pray. Enjoy.





[Posted 08/22/2018]:

BEAUTY AND THE BROKEN:The photo to the left is my first "What Is This?" Contest. You'll have to click on it to watch the video that gives the answer. As you watch I hope my devotional thoughts prompt you to do your own thinking about redemption: how God wants to take your sins, failures, weaknesses and brokenness and turn them into areas of ministry and testimonies to His grace and greatness.

[Posted 8/17/2018]:

WHAT IS ONE BILL GATES’ HEARTBEAT WORTH? Even though this is actually an anniversary video I made for my wife on the occasion of our 44th anniversary, I first thought of the idea when contemplating the numerous verses about God sustaining us and caring for us very intimately. The fact that I turned the idea of Bill Gates’ heartbeat into a thought about my marriage simply shows how you can take the same setup and go in any number of directions as you apply your own fresh thinking. Have at it!

[Posted 08/16/2018]:

COUNTING THE COST Everyone knows Jesus’ admonition to “count the cost.” But most of us have uprooted His words from the context and lost sight of what it is we are counting for. Let me reconnect it and leave you in a place of fresh thinking.