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Congratulations to Karen Paubel who is the 1st recipient of the Achievement certificate for the brand new “Fresh Eyes Training Challenge” begun October 2018. To earn the award she completed all three Fresh Eyes books, including all 31 Vision Check assignments found at the end of each chapter.

I’ve often said that I’m glad to share with people the biblical insights I’ve gained with the help of the Holy Spirit as I apply various study techniques. But it’s much more important to me if people can learn these techniques and make their own discoveries in scripture with the Lord’s help. That’s why I wrote the Fresh Eyes books with assignments at the end of each chapter—so people could practice—and why I recorded 31 videos people can watch to reinforce those study techniques.

However, I know it will take people considerable time and effort to learn and practice these study techniques. So I created the Fresh Eyes Training Challenge to encourage people with a few simple rewards that increase as they complete each book.

If you’re interested in developing your own “fresh eyes” skills and discovering new insights, click here to learn more about the Fresh Eyes Training Challenge.