Fresh Eyes Techniques



MG - Magnifying Glass Techniques to help a reader carefully observe the details found in the text, immediate context and whole context of Scripture, so as to arrive at an accurate understanding of the meaning and significance of the passage before making any application or drawing any conclusions.
CL - Corrective Lenses Techniques to help you “rethink” or reconsider your own ideas or the conventional understanding and application of a particular passage.
VR - Virtual Reality Goggles Techniques to help you embellish the biblical text with historically, culturally and biblically accurate details to get an immersive view of the passage, or to help readers imagine scenarios and their implications if one or more of the details of the text were different.

The Analogy Trail  (VR)

The Bible uses lots of analogies. An analogy is a comparison between two things, typically for the purpose of explanation or clarification.Jesus used them in teaching all the time. He said different kinds of soil are like different kinds of human hearts. Hiding a light under a bushel is like keeping your faith private. But an analogy also points toward a trail marked out by if-then statements that can logically take the analogy beyond what a particular Bible passage says. For example, if Jesus is like a shepherd to us (as Psalm 23 analogizes), then the reverse is true: We are like sheep to Him. That is a beginning point for new insights.