Fresh Eyes Techniques



MG - Magnifying Glass Techniques to help a reader carefully observe the details found in the text, immediate context and whole context of Scripture, so as to arrive at an accurate understanding of the meaning and significance of the passage before making any application or drawing any conclusions.
CL - Corrective Lenses Techniques to help you “rethink” or reconsider your own ideas or the conventional understanding and application of a particular passage.
VR - Virtual Reality Goggles Techniques to help you embellish the biblical text with historically, culturally and biblically accurate details to get an immersive view of the passage, or to help readers imagine scenarios and their implications if one or more of the details of the text were different.

The Relentless Why  (CL)

Little kids possess an insatiable need to ask the question why.

“You need to eat your vegetables.” “Why?”

“Because they’re good for you.” “Why?”

“Because they have lots of vitamins.” “Why?”

“Because God made them to help us stay healthy.” “Why?” And so on… 

Interesting discoveries await when you rekindle that childlike habit and ask why relentlessly as you read what people do and say in a Bible story.