Fresh Eyes Techniques



MG - Magnifying Glass Techniques to help a reader carefully observe the details found in the text, immediate context and whole context of Scripture, so as to arrive at an accurate understanding of the meaning and significance of the passage before making any application or drawing any conclusions.
CL - Corrective Lenses Techniques to help you “rethink” or reconsider your own ideas or the conventional understanding and application of a particular passage.
VR - Virtual Reality Goggles Techniques to help you embellish the biblical text with historically, culturally and biblically accurate details to get an immersive view of the passage, or to help readers imagine scenarios and their implications if one or more of the details of the text were different.

Craft a Backstory  (VR)

When fiction writers begin a novel it is common for them to write a backstory that never shows up in the book but that explains: What led up to the point this story begins? How did the characters become who they are? What was the history of the place or situation they find themselves in? Every Bible story has a backstory, something that happened prior to the part of the story that is actually reported in the pages of scripture. Using the facts in the biblical account to reconstruct, or at least imagine, some reasonable elements of a backstory often shines new light on the biblical passage.