Speaking Topics

Just Ask: Building confidence in prayer that will result in more effective prayer.

Fresh Eyes: Learning how to read and communicate God’s Word with greater insight and impact.

Choosing Mary’s Place:Helping people successfully reorient their lives around prayer and the Word of God.

How Great Our Salvation: Increasing people’s understanding and experience of the magnitude of Jesus’ work on the cross.

Opportunithology:The art and science of making the most of opportunities to share faith.

A Heart for Prayer that Changes Things: Not all prayer “changes things.” Examining and seeking the kind of heart that effective prayer requires.

Spoudazo:  Developing the character traits God doesn’t cause.

Discipleship--Taking the Keys to the Kingdom:Becoming and making true disciples

The Performative Word:Expanding people’s understanding of God’s Word to new levels of transformational impact.

Path of Partnership: Marking out the path God planned for each person to take in order to accomplish His will.

“You’ve Got to Be Kidding!”: Encountering God’s “opportunity commands” for living a victorious life.

How Saved Can You Get?:Showing people just how redeemed, restored and transformed they can be. 

Behind Closed Doors: Rediscovering the purpose and possibilities of the notorious supernatural gifts of the Spirit.

The Heart of Paul in His Letter

Spiritual Warfare That Makes Sense:

Overcoming Busyness

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Writing Topics


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